The Conspiracy for Good

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What is this I’m Not a Member thing? It’s all to do with The company P’s, Tim “Heroes” Kring’s and Nokia’s new game/media/activism project, where we want to create a conspiracy for good. It’s a balancing force to such well-known villains as the mega-corporation Blackwell Briggs.  Tim Kring explains the concept:

Join The Conspiracy for Good.


  1. Steve said,

    Who can read the terms of use would know that this website is a advertisement hoax from Nokia. Open your eyes guys. There is no one missing. Just hiding to make publicity.

    They are trying to make money on our fears. This is disgusting. Throw your Nokia as far as you can.

    This is Conspiracy for Goofs

    Btw: Blackwell Briggs is using the same servers as “conspiracy for goofs”. Don’t let them playing foolish games with you! This is a really silly hoax.

    P.S.: The Company Blackwater Briggs is not existing and does not exist. Try to find more than pollution about this release of the video or the “Company” site themself. There is nothing to find.

  2. mikepohjola said,

    Thanks for the input, Steve! 🙂

    It’s a hoax the same way it’s a tv hoax to say there’s a starship called Enterprise with a hoax captain Kirk. In other words, this is a story we’re telling, and you can tell it too, if you join the movement.

    The conspiracy for good doesn’t exist… yet. That’s why we have to make it real!

  3. Jim said,

    It seems like there’s a massive story to be told and it’s spreading in a very new and “hoaxy” type of way… So hopefully the story is awesome and hopefully at the end of the day the entertainment is riveting and there’s a huge push in the world to create change – the good kind.

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