Trailer for Son of Man

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My autobiographical Jesus novel Son of Man will be published tomorrow in Finnish. As I’m writing this, the translation rights are still up for grabs, but in the mean time here’s a trailer for the book. If you represent a publisher or know of people who do, make sure you check it out.

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Heavy metal dinosaur concept bands for children

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Lead singer Mr Saurus for the later band Sauruxet.


Finland is a country of heavy metal. This much you probably knew.

Now, when one is a country of heavy metal, that means one must also have heavy metal bands for children. One of these was a concept band where the musicians are dressed up as dinosaurs with leather jackets and long hair.

That band got into a fight with the record company over who owned the rights to the concept, so the band split. Which means there are two children’s heavy metal dinosaur concept bands in Finland, both wildly successful.

We heard them play yesterday, and they did indeed rock.

The only question is, in a country of five million people, are two children’s heavy metal dinosaur concept bands enough?

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