Resumé: Mike Pohjola

Author, playwright, game designer, filmmaker and interactive storyteller

MA Student of Screenwriting at the Helsinki University of Art and Design, 2006-
MA Student of Comparative Literature in the University of Turku, 1997-
Writing for Cinema in the Theatre Academy 2002 (10 credits)
Devising Theatre training in the Turku Arts Academy 2001 (9 credits)
Write for Theatre training in the Turku Arts Academy 2000 (20 credits)
New York Film Academy Total Immersion Workshop 1999 (ca. 15 credits)

The company P: Founder, executive narrator. A Stockholm-based media company focused on interactive and participative storytelling. Won an International Emmy Award in 2008 for Best Interactive Tv Service with The Truth About Marika. Since created Dollplay to augment the FOX show Dollhouse, and is now working on the Nokia-funded TEVA with Tim Kring.
Pohjola-filmi: Founder, dramaturgist. A film production company focusing on Nordic cinema.
Riimuahjo Publishing: Founder, chairman of the board. A small publishing house focusing on roleplaying material.

Forest of Babel (director, writer), 2010, Pohjola-filmi
Flag Burners (director, writer), 2009, Bufo
About Marriage (director, writer), 2009, Pohjola-filmi
Heaven and Helsinki 2018 (director, writer, producer), 2008, University of Art and Design, Helsinki
Pyhä maa (writer) (2008): Directed by Juhana Pettersson, produced by Elina Pohjola.
A Cream Pi (director, writer, producer), 1999, NYFA

Ihmisen poika (Gummerus Publishing, 2011)
Sanaleikkikirja (Gummerus Publishing, 2008)
Kadonneet kyyneleet (Gummerus Publishing, 2008)

Roleplaying games
Myrskyn sankarit – Suurkuninkaan miekka (Tactic, 2013)
Tähti (Riimuahjo, 2007)
Star Wreck Roleplaying Game (Energia Productions, 2006)
Myrskyn aika (Johnny Kniga Publishing, 2003)

Transmedia storytelling
Dollplay (writer, dramaturgist, developer), The Company P and FOX Interactive, 2008
Conspiracy For Good (head writer, dramaturgist, developer), The Company P, Tim Kring and Nokia, 2010
Lies and Seductions (designer, writer). Video game, 2009, University of Art and Design, Helsinki

Transmedia lecturer and consultant
Teacher of Writing for Interaction students of Advanced Game Design) at Media Lab, Aalto University, 2011 and 2013.
Tutor on transmedia storytelling at SWIM Lab in Helsingborg, 2013
“Interactive Storytelling” lecture in Helsingborg, 2013
“Interactive Storytelling” lecture and workshop at Riga Meetings, 2012
“From Greek Tragedy to Transmedia” lecture at Marler Tage der Mediakultur, 2012
“How To Become a God” lecture at Nordic Larp Talks, 2012
“Participative Drama: Case Studies” lecture at Interactive Exchange Ontario, 2009
“Reality is our Enemy” keynote lecture at Kirjan ja ruusun päivä in Pori, 2004.

1827 – Infernal Musical (directed by Juha-Pekka Mikkola) 2011, Turun Nuori Teatteri
Talvisirkus Valo (directed by Arja Pettersson) 2008, Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth
Miksi ketut pitävät suklaasta? (composed  by Joona Lukala) 2006, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra
Maailman ympäri 80 päivässä (directed by Jaakko Kuusi) 2004, Turun Nuori Teatteri
Kaunotar ja Hirviö (directed by Janne Salminen) 2003, Turun Nuori Teatteri
Kuinka voin auttaa? (directed by the group) 2003, Turun Nuori Teatteri
Chain of Fools (written as a writers’ jam, yet to be performed) 2002, published online
Pete ja Pinja vastaan avaruusolentojen hyökkäys (directed by Antti Niitemaa), 2002, Turun Nuori Teatteri
Väkilukuisat vähäväkiset (written and directed) 2001, Tapahtumantekijät Oy
Wanted: Elävänä tai kuolleena (written with Mikko Joukamaa, Antti Niitemaa, directed by Mikko Joukamaa) 2001, Turun Nuori Teatteri
Narnia: Velho ja Leijona (written with Mikko Joukamaa based on C. S. Lewis’ book “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe”, directed by Antti Niitemaa) 2000, Turun Nuori Teatteri
Prinsessa Ruusunen (directed by Tuula Väisänen) 1999, Turun Lapsi- ja Nuorisoteatteri
Tiikerin lapsi (written and directed, based on Torey Hayden’s book Tiger’s Child) 1998, The Mannerheim League for Children
Aladdin (written with Martti Antola, Mikko Joukamaa, Antti Niitemaa, directed by Arno Virtanen) 1997, Turun Lapsi- ja Nuorisoteatteri

Live roleplaying games
Täällä Kirjokannen alla. A folk fantasy larp played near Helsinki in 2011.
Katvealue 2, 2008 (with Oona Tikkaoja and Henna Kontusalmi): played at Kiasma, the Finnish Museum of Contemporary Arts
Katvealue 1, 2008 (with Oona Tikkaoja and Henna Kontusalmi): played at Ateneum, the Finnish Museum of Fine Arts Ateneum
I Regret Nothing (with Juhana Pettersson and Eirik Fatland): part of the city art festival Olohuone 306,4 km2
Four Color: All That Jazz, 2005
Real City, 2004 (produced with Juha Allan Ekholm): Played at ANTI Art Festival in Kuopio. Inspired Ekholm’s photo exhib Re:Play still touring Finnish galleries
Luminescence, 2004 (with Juhana Pettersson, produced by Mikko Pervilä)
File Not Found, 2003 (produced with Juha Allan Ekholm): Created as a part of the Virasto art event by the Arte group.
Ei minulta mitään puutu, 2002. Turku Book Fair. Later published in the Book of LARP.
Kuolema voi odottaa (with Mikko Rautalahti), 2002. Turku City Council.
inside:outside (written with Eirik Fatland, produced by Irene Tanke), 2001-2002: A Nordic tour visiting several conferences and the Norwegian Museum of Modern Art Kunstnernes Hus
Myrskyn aika (ten episodes, produced with Jami Jokinen), 1997-2001
Paljon Melua Tyhjästä (adapted from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing), 1998
.laitos, 1997: Linda Awards for Best Event and Best Hype
Routametsä (with Unto Vauras), 1996
Viimeinen yö, 1996: Linda Award for Best Effects

Speaker at Ropecon, Finncon, Mittelpunkt, Knutepunkt, Lucca Comics & Games Convention etc.
I perform my poetry on the collection LP Protestääni (Fuck Teosto, 2007).
Poetry performances at Runo&Rock club, DBTL poetry club, Pacifico, TVO, Kirja, Kiila club at Libertée, private events, and others.
Host at the Ropecon gala 2008.
Host at Finncon 2004 and 2007.
Host at Kirjallisuusyhdistysten talvipäivät 2006.
Host at the Turku Book Fair 2005 and 2006.

A monthly column in the newspaper Turun Sanomat (2012-)
An essay on a month without Facebook in Helsingin Sanomat (2012)
An essay on copyright published in Ydin and Piraatti vai kirjailija? (ed. Juri Nummelin) (2011)
An essay dissecting a nationalist discussion forum published in Mitä Jussi Halla-aho tarkoittaa? (ed. Ville Hytönen) (2010)
Freelance work for Tilt, Lumooja, Mikrobitti, Kaltio, Peliluola, The Larper,, Magus, Spin, Larppaaja, and panclou
Editor-in-chief of Kulttuurilehti Ei (Savukeidas Publishing, 2002-2003)
Editor-in-chief of Larppaaja (Finland’s Live-Action Roleplaying Association, 1997-1998)

Other publications
Article Folk Fantasy (published in Playing Reality, 2012)
A daily 28-part Christmas story in Turun Sanomat (2011)
Short story Vanhan linnan salaisuus in Ylioppilaslehti (2011)
Short story in the magazine Aino (2011)
Short story Limaisenvihreä viiva in the anthology Tuhansien zombien maa (editor Juri Nummelin, Turbator, 2009)
Article Katvealue. Museolarppi Ateneumissa ja Kiasmassa (with Henna Kontusalmi and Oona Tikkaoja in the book Tulevaisuuden taidemuseo, editor Susanna Pettersson, National Museum of Art, 2009)
Live roleplaying game I Shall Not Want and essay Creating Settings For Your LARP (in The Book of LARP, 2003, Interactivities Ink.)
The Manifesto of The Turku School (self-published 2000; published in As Larp Grows Up in 2003)
Poems in the Tahtoisin lisää karusellikyytiä anthology (Savukeidas Publishing, 2001)
Short story and a play in the Reviiri anthology (Varsinais-Suomi Commission of Arts, 2002)

Finland’s Live-Action Roleplaying Association member of the board (1997-1998), vice chairman and later acting chairman (1999).
Conklaavi ry founder and chairman (1998-2000)
Finland’s Science Fiction Writers’ Association, vice member of the board (2001)
Turku Young Theatre, member of the board (2000-2005)
Southwest Finland’s Authors’ Association, member of the board (2004), acting chairman (2005-2006)
Cultural Council of Turku, vice member of the board (2005-2007)
Pro Cultura Foundation, member of the board (2005-2008)
Regional Council of Southwest Finland’s Cultural Board, member of the board (2005-2007)
Student Union TOKYO of the Helsinki University of Art and Design, member of the board (2008-2009)
Student Union of the Aalto University, member of the board (2009-2010)
Film Students Organization, chairman (2008-2010)
Helsinki City Philharmonic Orchestra, member of the board (2007-2012)
Society for Nordic Roleplaying, member of the board (2010-)


Kultainen lohikäärme, Lifetime Recognition Award in the field of roleplaying games, 2010 (Ropecon)
Nomination for International Digital Emmy Award for Digital Program: Fiction 2011 (Conspiracy For Good)
Banff World Media Award for Best Cross Platform 2011 (Conspiracy For Good)
Banff World Media Award for Best In Interactive 2011 (Conspiracy For Good)
Prix Europa in the Category Languages Through Lenses (The Forest of Babel) 2010)
Lasten Luku-varkaus Award for Kadonneet kyyneleet 2009
International Interactive Emmy for Best Interactive Tv Service 2008 (Sanningen om Marika)
False King of Literature, 2007 (elected by the Turun Sanomat newspaper)
Several grants for screenwriting and film development (Finnish Film Foundation)

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