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I’m designing an adventure for the Lamentations of the Flame Princess roleplaying game, and need funding! The author of the game is a Finnish-based American, James D. Raggi IV, and he has about a dozen simultaneous crowdfunding campaigns going on. (There’s some other cool ones, as well, you can see them on the same page.)

I Hate Myself For What I Must Do is an exciting, maybe even provoking, weird fantasy heavy metal adventure, illustrated by the amazing Joel Sammallahti. The adventure will be made, if we reach the $6000 budget. (But if we don’t, you won’t lose anything.) You can participate here! (You’ll also be helping me get more intimate with the mysteries of crowdfunding for a big project I’ll launch later this month…)

Lamentations of the Flame Princess presents I Hate Myself for What I Must Do by Mike Pohjola, illustrated by Joel Sammallahti

A village tormented by a blasphemous priest.
A vile daemon summoned upon the world.
A curse which cannot be lifted.

At dusk you still considered yourself one of the good guys. Hardly perfect, but you tried to do the right thing. But now it seems the right thing is the wrong thing, and before sunrise you must become as despicable a person as possible.

You hate yourself for doing all this. But you have no choice. Or so you keep telling yourself. Your noble end justifies whatever horrible means you must take.

I Hate Myself For What I Must Do is a Lamentations of the Flame Princess weird fantasy heavy metal adventure by Mike Pohjola.


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