Heavy metal dinosaur concept bands for children

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Lead singer Mr Saurus for the later band Sauruxet.


Finland is a country of heavy metal. This much you probably knew.

Now, when one is a country of heavy metal, that means one must also have heavy metal bands for children. One of these was a concept band where the musicians are dressed up as dinosaurs with leather jackets and long hair.

That band got into a fight with the record company over who owned the rights to the concept, so the band split. Which means there are two children’s heavy metal dinosaur concept bands in Finland, both wildly successful.

We heard them play yesterday, and they did indeed rock.

The only question is, in a country of five million people, are two children’s heavy metal dinosaur concept bands enough?

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Infernal Musical will soon premiere…

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A short trailer for 1827 – Infernal Musical, the heavy metal musical that will open in a week and a half. There’s still some tickets left, but don’t waste any time if you want to pick your seats. The show only runs from Jan 21 to Feb 5, 2010.

Many people are confused by what a heavy metal musical exactly is. Will it only have songs  or is there a story or what? In form and function it’s much like West Side Story or Producers — a stage play where the story is sometimes told through songs instead of dialogue. In style it will be quite different, combining period action with the classics of heavy metal. The show will mostly feature known songs like Paranoid, Carry On, or Hunting High And Low. There will also be one of our own songs (lyrics by me, music by our band leader Joona Lukala), and one brand new song by Lordi, Devil’s Crashing the Party. So in traditional terms, “the book” is by me, and the lyrics are by Dio and whoever. But yes, there’s one hell of a story there!

If you’re in the UK, I recommend listening to BBC Radio 3’s program Music Matters, and their report on Turku and Tallinn, the European Capitals of Culture. They interview me about 1827, and play some of our songs.

Also, for Finns, Ajankohtainen kakkonen is going to do a big piece on Turku this week, and will feature both the musical and yours truly. (Also check out VR’s paper Matkaan, January issue.)

Rock on!

Lordi with two of our burned ladies, and the single release of Devil's Crashing the Party.

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Mr Spock is not a member

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Zachary Quinto, the new Mr Spock is not a member: http://www.imnotamember.com/#373

Nor is r&b singer Joss Stone: http://www.imnotamember.com/#1017

Nor is Julian Lennon: http://imnotamember.com/#845

Nor is Greg Grunberg: http://imnotamember.com/#345

Don’t be a member! Record you denial on the site!

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Flag Burners at Wreck-a-Movie

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My 28-minute film Flag Burners is getting close to pre-production… I created a participatory Wreck-a-Movie site for the film so you can for example recommend music for the soundtrack  or give ideas on rough locations to shoot in Helsinki. Join the production and lend me a hand! 🙂 http://www.wreckamovie.com/flagburnerslipunpolttajat2

As an extra bonus for you blog readers, here’s a couple of photos from a recent script meeting. I wish all background research was this concrete. The flag was naturally bought at a gothic clothing store in London’s Camden Market.

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Year in Status

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A fun Facebook app made a collage of the status updates I’ve had over the year. Quite a nice collection, excluding the fact that I also got married somewhere in there 🙂

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Son of Man collaborative playlist

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I’ve made a collaborative Spotify play list for the novel Son of Man that I’m currently working on. The book is about a young man, not unlike myself, who grows in the shadow of possibly being the Second Coming.

The main themes are:
political corruption
sex and dating
growing up in the 80s and 90s
living in the 2000s

Please, participate on the play list, and recommend music!

I’ve tried to find ways to work collaborative on the novel, other tasks can be found here on Wreck-a-Movie.

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Heaven and Helsinki 2018 is up

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My short film Heaven and Helsinki 2018 was filmed last summer, and is now ready to be watched on  Youtube. It took my so long to put it up that the lead actress Eeva Putro ended up doing it.

It’s a small adventure story set in Finland after an eco catastrophe. This is an inconsequential tidbit, but it’s set in the same world as my roleplaying game Tähti. You can even see an Evolution gig poster in the background.

I’m the screenwriter, director, editor and producer. Photography is by Aarne Tapola and sound design by Pekka Aikio. Alongside Putro it’s starred by Juha-Pekka Mikkola, Paula Laitinen, Risto Paalanen, Anne Liljeström and Topi Pitkänen. The crew also consisted of Paula Noronen, Tommi Kainulainen, and Tommi Kovala. All the music is by Älymystö.

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