The Golden Dragon!

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The main event of the roleplaying year, Ropecon, is just behind us. For seven years this is where the lifetime award Golden Dragon has been given to roleplaying luminaries, people whose games I’ve played as a kid, whose stores I’ve frequented and whose magazines I’ve read. In other words, I have quite alot of respect for these Grand Old Men of Finnish roleplaying.

Therefore I was both proud and humbled to receive the same recognition. In my thank you speech I was very touched but managed to speak for the future of the hobby.

A summary of the Finnish press release:

PmWikiMike Pohjola has been influential in the field since the mid 90s. His live roleplaying games have been played in cultural centers and art galleries. His publications include the roleplaying games Myrskyn aika (2003), Star Wreck Roleplaying Game (2006), and Tähti (2007). In addition Pohjola has published Sanaleikkikirja (2008), and the YA novel Kadonneet kyyneleet (2008).

Pohjola is also a founding member in The Company P, that won the International Emmy for Best Interactive Tv Service in 2008 for Sanningen om Marika. Right now he’s working on The Conspiracy For Good mega-project that premiered last Saturday in London. The Nokia-sponsored Conspiracy For Good is a project that combines participatory storytelling and gaming and lets players search clues with new mobile technology to progress in the story and help charities. The creative visionary of the project is Tim Kring, the showrunner of the tv show Heroes.

Thank you so much! It’s a really great feeling to be recognized by your own people in such a way.

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Heaven and Helsinki 2018 is up

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My short film Heaven and Helsinki 2018 was filmed last summer, and is now ready to be watched on  Youtube. It took my so long to put it up that the lead actress Eeva Putro ended up doing it.

It’s a small adventure story set in Finland after an eco catastrophe. This is an inconsequential tidbit, but it’s set in the same world as my roleplaying game Tähti. You can even see an Evolution gig poster in the background.

I’m the screenwriter, director, editor and producer. Photography is by Aarne Tapola and sound design by Pekka Aikio. Alongside Putro it’s starred by Juha-Pekka Mikkola, Paula Laitinen, Risto Paalanen, Anne Liljeström and Topi Pitkänen. The crew also consisted of Paula Noronen, Tommi Kainulainen, and Tommi Kovala. All the music is by Älymystö.

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